The story

About me

Ben was born and raised in the south of France to an American mother and a British father.

At an early age, Ben started playing instruments (piano/guitar) in rock’n roll bands and later on discovered a connection with Electronic Dance Music, Disco and Hip Hop which led him to spend all his money and time listening to records and breaking into clubs to hear what DJs were playing! 

With digital mixing softwares, and CDJs Ben found ways to play all music with limitless creativity and spent all his time perfecting his craft.

Little did he know that his passion would become his full time occupation, DJ’ing for high-end private events and other special occasions such as the Cannes Film Festival or the Monaco Grand Prix, filling dance-floors for crowds coming from all over the world! 

Ben’s ability to adapt his sets in a unique way to fit his crowd has contributed to his growing success.

Ben meticulously blends all music from Disco, EDM, House, to Rock’n roll, Latin, Hip-Hop in a creative way. Making his own edits, finding the best remixes and fuelling his sets with energy, Ben is not your regular DJ. Be prepared not just for a party but, for the party! 

DJ Ben Spencer